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By Mac Stopa

variant 21
variant 01
variant 01
variant 76
variant 81
variant 81
variant 81
variant 82
variant 92
variant 11
variant 31
variant B2

Moon by Mac Stopa for Tonon expresses the designer’s passion for organic curved lines. The sculptural shape of the Moon chair is based on semicircular forms calling to mind the phases of the Moon. The sides of the seat of the chair extend into the armrests, forming a flexible suspended backrest that adjusts itself to the position of the body ensuring maximum comfort. The chair’s organically-shaped shell is made of a self-supporting frame injected with integral “soft touch” foam. The flexible foam geometry contours the body and gives a pleasant sensation of softness for added comfort.


  • Mac Stopa


moon 908.21
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  10. moon 908.92
  11. moon 908.B1
  12. moon 908.B2
  13. moon 908.L3