By Gabriela Raible - von Luettichau

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Beret: a set of seating solutions for the livingUp-chair, the bestseller created in 2012 has now that can be a protagonist also in other areas of the daily habitat and as well for the restaurants. Created by Gabriela Raible, the collection is made by many elements joined by a great stylish elegance enriched by a high quality comfort.


  • Gabriela Raible - von Luettichau



In these Tonon collections many technologies have been used to grant our customers the highest durability and comfort. Let’s start from the most traditional method that for Tonon issurely a value not to be missed. Chraftmanship, uniqueness and respect for the traditions represent for Tonon the pleasure of creating unique products starting from the foam till the position of the single seam. Tonon is a company that looks to the future and uses the best technologies for the standard products such as the injected polyurethan foam in low, medium and high density. A supporting steel frame which can also be belted to increase the performance, is put in a mould and later the polyurethan in liquid form is injected, then when heated it hardens. 

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