Passion, experience, experimentation: since 1926 pieces of furniture with an international design for the residential and world.

We produce chairs and tables, and ours is a long story. In almost a hundred years we have acquired a wide experience in the world of seating which, together with our unfailing curiosity, leads us to always be at the forefront, looking for and finding new solutions in materials and shapes: from solid wood to steel, from leather to integral polyurethane, from natural elements to materials produced with the latest technologies; from the most rigorous shapes to the organic ones, in a mix of international inspirations that outline the TONON product.

The dialogue with many international professionals pushes us every day to confront and evolve; comprehend and understand each other, to design together beautiful and functional seats and tables, which become iconic over time. We are an industrial reality that considers the human factor an essential value, and that pursue its principles: reliability, accuracy, open-mindedness.

All this with the mission of guaranteeing seating solutions and furnishing accessories capable of being a plus in the contemporary living at an international level, always maintaining the link with the territory, through a 100% Made in Italy production.


The foundation


Technology of bent wood


Deckchairs for the cruise ship rex for Lloyd Trieste.


Specialization in the production of bicycle wheels in wood


The local population identifies the Tonon company as: ‘la Fabbrica”


Suppliers to the furniture industry in Italy.


Qualified supplier to the furniture industry in Germany.


High gloss furniture: Tonon gets with the paperclip chair a bestseller in America.


Jonathan chair. A new interpretation of the typical bent chair of the past.


The first carbonfiber chair.


Contract Collection


Evolution of upholstery: shell with steel construction and injected foam


Not only wood: Follow me is the first collection of Tonon that includes steel chairs.


Shells is one of the first winning products of Tonon in a design award.


The first chair in integral polyurethane.


Sandro Tonon developes together with 6 designers a fully upholstered collection all manufactured with injected foam shells.


The first outdoor collection, produced in polyethylene.


The Up-chair immediately gets the favorite in all international markets.


Our first sideboard is born with carvet front doors in wood or in Soft Touch.


River: in & outdoor collection, awarded 8 times with international awards.


Fl@t: a masterpiece awarded with 8 design prizes.


Corda: the first in&out collection woven with nautical rope.


Start the collaboration with Green Pea.

TONON & Design

Thanks to the support of leading international designers, our style is eclectic and cosmopolitan. Our philosophy focuses on pursuing the correct balance between matter and form, aesthetics and function, producibilityand originality. We combine the value of “doing well” with the constant search for the best solutions, in order to create chairs and furnishings for everyday use which can last over time, making the living of every environment, at home as in hotel, in restaurant as in office, a moment of well-being.

A big family, a big group.

Einstein said: time is relative. We have chosen ours. A human time, made of quick moments and others slower. A time made not only of actions, but also of words. Creation requires attention, patience. The world requires speed, efficient performance: for us, quality is fundamental, not only for the materials, but also for the work. We want to make well-made objects exactly as we want them; we offer the customer our best version. Our commitment is valuing not only the work we do, but also those who do it, it is a choice we make every day.

Sustainability and Environment

One step at a time, with awareness, looking to the future, we have chosen to believe in a greener industry. In our industrial reality, we pay attention to materials, considering and favoring their recyclability or their natural origin; we give great importance to every phase of the production cycle and the life cycle of our furniture, using the best technologies available. In this way, we create chairs and tables that are not only state-of-the-art, but also sustainable, with a strong focus on production cycles, keeping low and controlled the impact on the environment. We have invested in renewable energy, a choice that allows us to cover over 80% of the company’s energy needs.

‚ÄúTime and sustainability are incredibly intertwined. for us this means producing objects in the best possible way, so they can last over time. But that is not all. Sustainability is supporting: for us it means being a team of people who work together, supporting those who need it, encouraging to do better and better. “

CEO Matteo Tonon

Our products

Our collection offers a wide choice of chairs, stools, armchairs, lounges, benches, sofas, tables and coffee tables. Our furnishing accessories tell about us. A distinct identity, which is combined with a plurality of styles and inspirations, shapes and materials. For us, materiality is fundamental. Thanks to our rich experience, we know the materials and know how to obtain the maximum performance from them. Wood and metal, leathers and fabrics, integral and injected polyurethane foam: we combine them, through industrialized processes and manual technique, in the correct balance between form and function. The result is a product that can look great at home or in hotel, in the bar or in the restaurant, in a conference room or in an office, taking into account the different international markets.

Customized seats and tables

Being an industrial reality today means understanding the need to follow different paths: listening, modifying, creating and recreating. Thanks to our many years of experience, together with standard production, we respond to the demand for customized products, especially for the sector.

TONON in the world

We live in a complex and interconnected world: contamination of ideas and cultures are both commonplace. Through our work we get in touch with different realities, which encourage us to look beyond our horizons, without forgetting our origins, our territory, our identity. Our products are the result of this incredible container of ideas, people, traditions and dreams. Our mission is to create products, chairs and tables that represent us and, at the same time, that know how to meet the tastes of the international customers.