Stackable, lightweight, durable.

The Sailor collection is a tribute to the marine environment. A light but resistant texture, like fishermen’s nets, characterises the intertwining of the ropes that compose it. The rope, in bright colours or neutral, tell the story of a design in balance between industry and manual workmanship. The woven texture is repeated in the chair, lounge and stool.


In the nautical world the ropes for sailing boats have different names, depending on their precise use. In order to be of high quality these ropes must have the same characteristics of very limited elasticity and, in the same time, very high tensile strength. The nautical ropes we use for the interweaving of our seats have precisely these characteristics: an internal core in polyester that gives great resistance and an outer coating called ‘calza’, in a different material, that offers UV protection from the sun and a rubbing-resistence and let water on it dry quickly.

For outdoor and indoor.

The Sailor Collection furnishes outdoor areas, such as porches, patio and terraces or even indoor environments such as swimming pools and wellness facilities, where every seat must be humidity and water-resistant.

Moreover, the armrests of these chairs are a functional element in order to desplace and pile them up easily,


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