From car dashboards to the world of seating.

“Soft touch” is a collection that includes a range of furnishing accessories designed by different international designers, with a single common denominator: the material. Made of integral polyurethane, characterized by high technical performance and used in the automotive industry, we have borrowed it in our world of seating, obtaining products of the most varied shapes and aesthetics, while ensuring quality and comfort.

Material features.

Soft touch” integral polyurethane is a fascinating material for many reasons. Why “soft touch”? This is the feeling you get when you touch it: in fact, integral polyurethane looks like a hard plastic to the eye, but it is soft to the touch. Fireproof, tear resistant, it is characterized by high resistance to abrasion and low thermal conductivity.

Moreover, this material, due to its composition, is a winning ally for constant, daily use. Sanitizability means finding quick and effective solutions to make environments safe, especially in the Ho.Re.Ca world: the composition of integral polyurethane makes it difficult for germs and bacteria to proliferate; moreover, passing the test of cleaning with bleach diluted with water, it is suitable for cleaning according to the new hygiene standards.

Beautiful and functional seating.

The shells are obtained through a process of molding the material, which is liquid, and then heats up and hardens into the final form. The polyurethane is colored: it is possible to obtain a wide range of possible colors, from neutral tones to brighter ones. Making molds with a wide freedom of shapes, has made it possible to create different ones, especially organic and difficult to reproduce with more traditional processing. “Concept” was the first chair with armrests to be launched, in 2003, with this material; the success obtained has led us to borrow the inspirations and projects of several designers with seats made of this material. Seat, back and armrests are part of a single piece. Design seeks simplification. Through our applied research on materials we have followed the precepts of design: creating beautiful, functional, mass-producible, economically sustainable products.


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