Scalaria is an hotel recognized for its specialization in the management and organization of B2B events.

Each room becomes a focal point to communicate, to  work, to meet. And to enjoy some good relax. 

To create the perfect atmosphere, fresh and lively tones have been chosen: for the meeting room our “Quo” chairs, modern and with a curious “twisted” backrest, have been chosen in bright yellow integral polyurethane.

The lounge area can be definitely described with one word: “eclectic”.  Different shades and styles contaminate each other, making the environment fresh and playful.

In this case our “Fl@t” armchair has been chosen in a white upholstery and black matt lacquered aluminum details. 

For restaurant, blazing red “Up” chairs has been chosen. 

Every area uses a large windows to naturally illuminate the spaces and to open the eyes to a breathtaking landscape. A dynamic environment, to work and relax, enjoying the nature.


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