The name is inspired by metis that, in ancient Greek, means the relationship strategy with others and with nature, based on the intelligence’s cunning. Metis is also the name of the fourth moon of Jupiter and it’s the fastest among its satellites. The designer David Fox, playing with the word phonetics, has utilized the “Z” as ending letter, when finished the development of the new concept for Tonon, meaning the delivery of its conceptual work to Tonon. Metiz is a complete collection made by chair, lounge, sofa, two pouffs and two coffee tables, designed to welcome, with their rounded organic shapes, in any location, residential or corporate.The gradual elasticity and the seat softness are made possible by the use of multi density polyurethanes together with a system of elastic belts which are not visible but perceivable, granting a unique experience in the seating. Metiz is the second collection David Fox designs for Tonon, after the success of the lounge “Poppy”, awarded by Red Dot design Award in 2011.


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