From two-dimensionality to three-dimensionality.

As the name implies, the body of Fl@t has a thin, flat and flexible shape, then it is cushioned and upholstered when it is flat, then it is mechanically curved and takes its final shape in the aluminum support structure. Fl@t, designed by Martin Ballendat, has reached the final product with the study and testing of materials in the workshop with innovation. The collection consisting of chair, armchair, lounge and stool is the result of applied research and experiments in applications and forms.

The process.

The shell is made from a shaped panel in highly resistant cellulose fiber, flexible and at the same time resistant. The sides are being curved with strength and precision to shape the curved and welcoming geometry. The shell is then fixed to the structure made from three arms which made of flat painted aluminum, in different finishes from the rigorous black color to the glamorous, trendy gold color finish, generating the original “Fl@t” aesthetic. The result is a curved and minimal shape at the same time with a fresh and contemporary line. The “soft” variant of Fl@t adds aesthetic softness and a less rigorous freer character.

Different destinations of use.

Fl@t is a collection suitable for a contemporary living room. The chair with armrests and the chair, with smaller dimensions, can furnish with style the living areas of residential environments as well as the spaces of corporate projects or in the many and different areas of the environments. To relax in the living room as well as in a hotel suite, the lounge is available in two versions, smooth and “soft”. The stool to complete the collection is a solution dedicated to high tables in the kitchen, living room, bar and restaurant.


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