Different spaces and styles with the same “fil rouge”: high standard quality.

Our goals is to find optimal solutions with different inspirations, matching charm and functionality. La Cheneaudiere Hotel choose four TONON solutions for the different areas of the hotel: our “Up chair” with wooden arms, refined and elegant, and our “Structure armchair”, with its organic and original design, for the restaurant. our “Fl@t armchair”, modern and captivating, for the meeting room; to complete the interior, our “Wave lounge”, with its smooth lines in a vibrant yellow upholstery, for the relaxing area.

Structure armchair, with its organic and original design

The Structure organic shaped shell is manufactured in low-density integral polyurethane foam with inner frame in steel. The three dimensional design of the external part, shaped like a diamond, gives the product a particular touch. The inner plane part of the shell fits perfectly the body shape, with a pleasant sensation of softness and comfort.