For those who have lost themselves in watching the unspeakable beauty of the moon, in every phase. For those who have looked up, at night, with dreamy eyes, traveling with the mind towards that distant world. The moon, unreachable and at the same time magnetic, has always been the subject of poems, stories, desires. So the designer Mac Stopa wanted to pay homage, expressing through design the pleasant and dreamy shapes of the moon.

The Moon Collection expresses the passion of designer Mac Stopa for organic shapes. The Moon armchair connects the backrest with the armrests and becomes one with the seat, creating an open space in the back of the chair that looks like a crescent.

In the Full Moon version, with slightly more generous dimensions, the design recalls the spherical fullness, welcoming the body like embracing it.

In addition to the padded version, Little Moon and Moon are also available in integral soft-touch polyurethane with discreet colors or brighter hues that enhance their shape.

Our Moons

The collection consists of several elements. Little Moon is available as a stool and a chair with dimensions that make it suitable for residential environments, elegant restaurants, or cafes.

Moon is an armchair designed for environments with more space by the development of the Little Moon design.

Finally, Full Moon is recommended as the best in the series, especially with its design, closed backrest, and metal structure supporting it.


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