Elegance first.

The formal elegance of the Beret collection is inspired by the typical stitching of the French beret. Gabriela Raible designed it, playing with the similarities of timeless lines and essential and incisive details. The range includes four products, a chair, a dining armchair, a lounge and a stool.
To achieve the goal of having thin dimensions in certain parts of the product and still be able to obtain maximum comfort, the internal structures of the chair and armchair are made with molds into which the foamed polyurethane is injected.

The coatings.

The seats, with their curved and clean lines, are covered in fabric or leather. The look is sometimes enriched with stitching on the seat, a marked and clean graphic line to enhance the shapes. Backrest, thus expanding the possibility of customizing the look. These details tell the experience of the upholstery, the “handmade” that creates a unique story for each composition ..
The seats of the Beret collection, like all the other collections, can be covered with materials sent by customers. Finally, the particular sections of the solid wood legs integrate perfectly in a balance between shape and size.


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