The Step chair, chosen for Terminal Gastro, Belgrade, designed by Mac Stopa, through its design enhances the material which is made of.

The hospitality industry, today more than ever, is looking to use seats durable and easy to clean and sanitize. Today we want to draw our attention to a material that often goes unnoticed: the polyurethane.
It has been invented in 1930 and it comes with different densities and characteristics: from extreme hardness to pleasant softness. Years of studies allowed the development of different uses of this material. From the traditional chair with a wooden or metal structure, thanks to the use of aluminium moulds and by using the polyurethane foam padding, it has been possible to realize self-supporting shells of great comfort and softness.

The material as the result of innovation is the polyurethane Soft Touch.

Soft touch is fire resistant, in harmony with the international regulations for the industry. Also it is very effective in keeping the ambient clean and safe, because it does not retain moisture, and therefore helps to create an environment hostile to the proliferation of germs, viruses and bacteria. The result is extra care for the customer, who today more than ever, deserves to be welcomed in a restaurant or a hotel in total safety.