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The successful collection Fl@t, already awarded with many international design prizes, has been completed with a new version of chair and barstool. Additionally, the Fl@t chair, armchair and lounge will now be available with a soft upholstery while the armchair will get a new version with polycarbonate shell. The new soft version impresses for the extra front padding and for the extreme comfort it gives.  Fl@t is made of a thin, flat, flexible, and now also soft padded or in polycarbonate form, which is bent to obtain an unique shell. The elements of the shell are held in place with special steel fixings which create at the same time an attractive decoration. The shell is suspended, almost floating  on an arch made of black lacquered aluminum, connected to its base. The base of  Fl@t is available in aluminum, steel or wood.


  • Martin Ballendat


fl@t soft chair 9W3.75
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  3. fl@t soft chair 9W3.75
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