as the products made with natural materials return to be a must for furniture

In recent years the environmental topic has become more and more an important subject of analysis, comparison and study in almost all sectors; even the design has set goals and solutions in order to propose, stimulate and create a new way of living your living area. The choice of materials of natural origin are some of the important factors that have directed the design to take into account the solid wood. These materials come from renewable and possibly local sources, with attention to the durability of the product over time and its possible recycling, both as a material and as a function; moreover, they use production processes that lead to energy savings.

Wood is a material that belongs to our environment, nowadays neglected by innovative technologies and too often replaced by high-tech materials, while in the past for centuries it has been a companion in people’s homes.

Wood is a “living” element: to process it you need to know its intrinsic characteristics, such as strength, hardness, stiffness and density or volumetric mass, which has different parameters. Each tree is unique and different. In fact, even if it belonged to the same type, it is true that different climates (wet or dry) affect growth of the plants and consequently involve specific tools and techniques to carry out its processing. Therefore, know-how and significant manual skills are necessary, which can express aesthetics, style and function of the product.

This year at Tonon we have set ourselves the goal of proposing four completely green seats, made of solid oak or American walnut, with a natural oil finish. The seat is proposed with a woven, handmade, cellulose cord. The natural origin of the elements that make up these products makes them completely and easily recyclable. Triangolo is a seat with a dynamic and light structure in solid beech or Canaletto walnut. Its simple and elegant shapes recall the Scandinavian style, and can be easily inserted in different spaces, homes or elegant restaurants, offering a “timeless” style. In the same way you can talk about Friendly, a wooden chair characterized by sweet and soft strokes.

Another small jewel of design is Timeless seat. As its name suggests, this seat aims to be a product that passes the test of time. The armchair has a curved backrest with rounded shapes that, thanks to the materiality of solid wood,  offers a pleasant feeling of warmth to the eyes and touch. The sensory experience of this chair becomes therefore a winning element of contrast in a minimal environment, or harmony in environments of more classic inspiration. Finally, the Miss chair synthesizes traditional materials with slender and modern lines; its structure recalls Minimalism, giving it a characteristic finish through the enchanting interplay of its seat.

Solid wood therefore remains for our company Tonon an essential material in the world of furniture and that we continue to use for our collections which are intended to be appreciated over time.