Gianni Borta’s art meets design in these armchairs

Art and design express two different concepts, even if not necessarily in conflict with each other. 

Art, in its narrower meaning of artwork, indicates a masterpiece, a unique piece which expresses and reflects the inner feeling of the artist. Design means project, finalized to the production of multiple pieces of a certain object in the industrial field. A piece that can be functional or have a mostly aesthetical value, or can be a mix of these two characteristics. The space we have set up and shown at the last Milan exhibition, was born from the collaboration with a famous Italian painter who lives in our territory: Gianni Borta.

“A new writing, over the canvas border limits,  to achieve a new emotional stage while using a loose furniture that brings to the beauty. A “wow” emotion last over the decoration fixing the energy of the creative act.” Gianni Borta

Gianni Borta is considered one of the protagonists of what is recognized as the Naturalistic Art. Its paintings are a riot of colors, a tribute to the disarming beauty of the Nature. He colors with delight a world which is becoming grey due to the buildings, streets and smog, remembering to everybody those wild flowers that we were used to look at with joy when we were young. And so it was the emotion we felt when we unrolled the first fabric sample on our long meeting table, and even bigger when the first armchairs, flaming, went out from the upholstery department, dressed in this way.

A so very original fabric has dressed 6 iconic products of our company which were born from the collaboration with different designers.

Moon, designed by the international renowned designer Mac Stopa, started right away to be talked about itself. It is a product recognized as the combination between aesthetics and functionality. Fl@t, Flower and Concept were born from the successful and long-lasting collaboration with Marin Ballendat, designer and lecturer. All of them have a peculiar characteristic, such as the original production method of Fl@t or the iconic shape of Flower, or the 20-year history of Concept which was the first model made of integral polyurethane foam. Globe, by Mathias Hoffmann, surprises with its generous and welcoming shapes, giving that comfort feeling that we look for in every chair. Finally, Question Mark, by Stefan Heiliger, winner of many awards thanks to the unforgettable shape which reminds the question mark symbol.

Different seating solutions, all of them with a different story. We wanted to pay tribute to them I this way, dressing them with art. We are glad and honored to convey the thought of the artist Gianni Borta:

“Art is also a place for feelings expression that brings the artist in the idea’s level, to diversify his own creativity till different stages. Reality does not exhists in painting, it’s a feeling given trought the objects used in the home. A special relation with an historical loose furniture manufacturer of our land that belived in my project “ Gianni Borta