Radius by Stefan Beer is more than a restaurant

The Radius byStefan Beer restaurant is located inside the luxurious Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, in Interlaken, and proposes gourmet dinner realized by Stefan Beer, voted chef of the year 2022 by the Swiss business magazin “Bilanz” Before entering the restaurant there is a waiting room with warm and welcoming tones.

For this area our Libra lounges have been selected with the sofa, which was realized on bespoken dimensions with a total length of almost three meters.

Ph © Michel Reybier Hospitality

Libra collection

This collection designed by Matteo Nunziati was realized to give the chic and luxurious locations a pleasant feeling of tranquility, an invitation to relax. The exotic and floral pattern of the fabric, in contrast with the Alpin landscape, helps create a welcoming and playful environment, where to wait while chatting or leafing through a magazine.

Ph © Michel Reybier Hospitality


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