‚ÄúTime and sustainability are incredibly intertwined. for us this means producing objects in the best possible way, so they can last over time. But that is not all. Sustainability is supporting: for us it means being a team of people who work together, supporting those who need it, encouraging to do better and better. “

CEO Matteo Tonon

sustainability and environment

Sustainability and Environment

One step at a time, with awareness, looking to the future, we have chosen to believe in a greener industry. In our industrial reality, we pay attention to materials, considering and favoring their recyclability or their natural origin; we give great importance to every phase of the production cycle and the life cycle of our furniture, using the best technologies available. In this way, we create chairs and tables that are not only state-of-the-art, but also sustainable, with a strong focus on production cycles, keeping low and controlled the impact on the environment. We have invested in renewable energy, a choice that allows us to cover over 80% of the company’s energy needs.