Elegance, timeless essential and an independent, distinctive design.

Guggenbichler Design is an industrial design studio founded in 2004 in Vienna.

They have an intense theoretical training, combined with practical experience in modeling and producing furniture and interiors for many years and with attention to material, function and aesthetics.

The original design and the quality of the materials used are just as important as the ecological process and the value given to ergonomics. All these aspects give life to unique technical and formal solutions, which satisfy the most demanding requests.

What are the concepts that you continue to be influenced by during your studies and are found/reflected in your works?

Our design philosophy follows a poetic pragmatism: nothing but the essentials… and the poetry.

So we are always concentrating on the perfect functionality, material mix and essential terms combined with aesthetic aspects and a special kind of something special. Often we love to play with beautiful shapes, sunlight and shadows.

What does design mean to you and what is its purpose?

Design means to study people, their processes, the enviroments and all surrounding evolutions/developments; it means improving products in terms of functionality, ergonomy, creativity, aestetic aspect, in relation to their enviroments. Design is creating a beautiful symphony of all important aspects for a perfect product: beautyness and aesthetics, functionality and ergonimics, right materials and shapes.

what elements do you think are fundamental when creating a product?

Aesthetic aspects, shapes, dimensions, functions, choosing the right materials, production conditions, sustainability.

Sustainability: how can it be used in design?

Is important for quality of our life today and for sure for the future generations – for the products itself and our enviroment. Less waste today and enough for all in the future. Investing in timless products in good quality is good for ourself, our enviroment and for future generations.

What do you want to convey with your products?

Enjoy life and improve whatever you can – surround yourself with beautiful and good things in life. Think about quality, sustainability and production condition as well as enviromental impact of your actions  – for a better future for all of us.