Participation in the contemporary art exhibition from 11 to 14 November in Tommaseo street, Padua

“Art is an infinite box of feelings that can be conveyed”

Among tempera, brushes, sketches and scattered sheets, under the soft light of November, Gianni Borta’s studio seems a place where time cannot be quantified.

Just as Petrarch described landscapes to express moods, the artist’s studio seems to be the perfect transposition of his soul: crowded, vivid, where the color reigns supreme.

Where ideas can grow up, take root, or fly high.

A place where you can experience, on your own skin, a moment of meditation and wonder, away from the hectic world that surrounds us.

What does he paint? What he sees and observes in the daily life. He doesn’t focus on large landscapes, he just needs to watch the fields, especially the uncultivated ones, where proud wild flowers grow spontaneously, which he picks and covers with paint, including them into the canvas itself.

Otherwise he paints what he observes on his travels, always keeping the attention to the detail, to what is not clearly shown, and silently it’s part of the landscape. Some works are more abstract and the soul becomes master of the canvas:

“Actually there is not a painting but the feeling and emotion it gives”.

Art is an incredible tool. The pursuit of beauty, harmony, sentiment can also be applied to other contexts: the Master’s goal then will be making this process more evident, more communicative.

“Art (…) leads the artist, in terms of ideas, to diversify his creativity, his art with new proposals and in different sectors… An art in progress in step with the times.”

It was right from this thought and this approach that the particular and fruitful collaboration between Gianni Borta and TONON was born. Combining art and design in an everyday product, with a fabric produced using digital techniques in sublimation of one of his paintings.

Each of our chairs created for this collection has a similar but never the same pattern: in this way the exclusivity of the artwork is expressed in the world of design and industry.

After the successes achieved at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the NeoCon Chicago, our models with this fantastic floral outfit, move now to Padua, to the attention of the general public. From 11th to 14th November they will be exhibited at the Artepadova fair, in its 32nd edition this year.

In the pavilions of the fair in via Tommaseo, with an average of thirty thousand visitors and hundreds of art galleries, among conferences, critics and art lovers, our armchairs will be shown together with the magnificent paintings of the master Gianni Borta, a full immersion in an environment where creativity and beauty reign supreme.